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Equity Practioner, Community Organizer, and Policy Researcher.

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This is me

I am an experienced policy researcher and equity practitioner passionate about serving Black and Brown communities. As a Latina, I aim to shed light on the experiences of Black and Brown individuals by designing equitable and inclusive policies that center the voices of historically marginalized individuals. My work aims to spark conversation related to social justice, liberation, and decolonial processes to provide an alternative perspective in the pursuit of a more just and equitable society. 

Content Strategy  Writing 
Narrative Building  Graphic Design

 Policy Research   Equity, Diversity
& Inclusion 

Creative Initiatives

I design research-backed policy solutions that focus on inclusion through co-creative initiatives.

I am a young, creative passionate about collective liberation and social justice. While researching and designing policy is at the forefront of my work, I also create meaningful art and graphic design to support storytelling as a tool in policymaking. 

We should all be able to express ourselves on our own terms. Through ethnographic research, I have used first-person narratives to co-create zines, videos, and multimedia presentations alongside interviewees. Together, we construct compelling narratives and visually powerful designs that shed light on historically sidelined stories to speak truth to power. I use storytelling to bring potential policy to life in a way that is easier to understand and demonstrates a need for change. 

My local, national, and international work has given me an intersectional lens through which to understand the need for anti-racist, Black feminist, and decolonial perspectives in policy. I hope to enter creative spaces that will uplift the fight against white supremacy and center Black, Indigenous, Latinx and more voices.

Digital Portfolio

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